Transforming technology into something you want to use everyday.

Ethical investment platform

The goal was to create an engaging and functional web application that used a combination of technologies. We created an award-winning site that now helps users invest their money with a social conscience.

Built with a proprietary PHP CMS integrated within a Symfony 2 framework.

Loyalty app

This client had a card-based loyalty scheme that needed transforming into a cross-platform mobile system. A stable backend with a hybrid frontend allowed simultanious rollout across all major mobile platforms.

Built with a Symfony 2 API server and a Phonegap/KnockoutJS multi-platform mobile app.

Asset management system

This system was so valuable it needed to be rescued, not discarded. We identified the critical parts, stabilised it through automated testing, and optimised it; it now handles hundreds of thousands of assets.

Built with Ruby on Rails and iOS. Scaled using Amazon Web Services.

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